Looking to Hire Me?


Are you frustrated with the results of the content your team has spent hours developing?

Is there not enough return on the time you’ve invested in your content creation and strategy?

Are you struggling to cut through the noise of competitors and other outlets on the internet?

And the scariest thing-- is your content fitting together cohesively and leading to sales?

It takes hours upon hours to keep track of all of the moving pieces of content planning, strategy, creation, and promotion. By the time you’ve finished all of the steps, it’s time to put out next week’s blog post and that’s time you could have spent on revenue-generating activities.

What a headache, right? No wonder so many businesses and entrepreneurs give up and their website’s blog becomes an afterthought.

But here’s the thing-- content creation and strategy can be an exciting and creative part of your big picture marketing plan.

Here’s where I come in. I’m a long-time mental health and personal growth blogger. I have always enjoyed writing, and I started writing blogs back when LiveJournal was a thing. And no, you’re not getting a link. I’ve experimented with all kinds of content to find what’s most engaging (and creates a long-term strategy that will lead to sales). And I’ve talked with (and studied the content of) other entrepreneurs and seen where their frustrations are and where they’ve struggled.

With my content strategy and creation services, you can:

  • Stand out online

  • Emotionally resonate with your ideal customers/clients

  • Increased visibility and social shares

  • Highly qualified lead generation

My key technique is to leverage what your brand does best, and find the common thread of stories (from you and previous clients). This pulls the visitor in emotionally and makes them believe that only you know what they are going through. That you can be the Yoda to their Luke and truly help them transform into the person they were meant to be all along.

Content Creation

If you’re a mental health or lifestyle brand that’s looking for some highly searchable and engaging articles to fill in the gaps in your current content, I’m your gal. I’m well versed in keyword research and stay abreast on current industry topics as well as the human experiences that accompany them to keep your brand top of mind for visitors. My rates start at 0.05/word. I can also do formatting, add images, and design content upgrades for an extra fee.

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Content Strategy

Looking for some insight on the big picture of your current content plan? Let’s figure out together how we can get your ideal client/customer from Googling through looking for what will “fix” their surface issues to seeing how your strengths and stories will guide them to their personal happy ending; using your content and social media that will engage them and convert to sales (without feeling yucky about it). I research your niche, look through your content, we take a peek at what current and previous clients are saying about your brand, and we walk through what topics and series of content will lead into your programs and services effortlessly. You will walk away with a clear content style guide and plan that will take you quarter to quarter so you won’t feel paralyzed at your computer struggling to write any longer.

A one-time intensive strategy session starts at $497 for 4 hours, but extended projects are also available. Hop on a call with me and we can discuss your individual needs.

Content strategy can include:

  • Content upgrade ideas and mockups

  • Pinterest and social media mockups

  • Written blog posts by me

  • Bundle of stock photos hand-picked for your brand (via stock photo sites that I will search for you)

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level so it’s cohesive and engaging with your potential subscribers and clients, let’s talk. You can use the contact form directly below:

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