Free Resources:

I know there's an overwhelming amount of information out there-- on the internet, in print, and in audio format (my favorite being podcasts). Instead of wading through everything, let me do the investigating for you!


Websites (Including Trackers)

I'm on the internet, you're on the internet -- of course I'm going to have websites listed here. Some have cutting edge health news, daily trackers, and people I admire in the wellness sphere.



I typically have a rotation of books I read, from all genres. But here, I showcase the books that inspired me and I use with my clients that contain concepts and strategies that are proven to be effective. 



This is definitely the media I consume the most by far. Podcasts are great for running in the background or while you commute that still provide incredibly valuable info. These are the podcasts I listen to that inform and entertain.


Mobile Apps

Phone Apps make for great check ins for yourself throughout the day. I don't use many but the ones I do have a big impact. Admittedly for now these are all Android Apps, be on the lookout for ones for iOS in the future.