Take charge of your health and wellbeing


Break Through

You juggle multiple responsibilities, you run from place to place, and try as you might... your energy stores are totally depleted and your health and well-being are put on the back-burner yet again.  You make promises to yourself to start working out or eating right. But stress, fatigue, or lack of time seems to shut those down.  

While you know there's no magic pill or quick fix to get the lasting results that you want, you don't have time for rigid workout or meal plans that make you feel locked into the same meals every day. Without support or a dramatic overhaul of your daily habits it's a consuming battle that has been draining you for too long.

First, know yourself. Know your strengths and your challenges. I help people build up their mental architecture that works with their inclinations, manages the stress and triggers that brings on bad habits, and makes health a wonderful journey, not this daily battle you have with your inner critic. That’s how you find what works and something you can stick to.

My Mission

Hi. I'm Crystal Sheffield-Baird.  I'm glad you found me. I founded Phoenix Health Coaching after struggling with life-long depression and fatigue because I was ready to embark on a journey, a new beginning of my life that was more than just being healthy -- it felt whole. I am passionate about re-framing how we all view health. As the adventure of a lifetime.

I don't do the detoxes or cleanses because when we focus on the restrictive and the negative, it prevents us from reaching a happy, balanced view of our bodies and of food in general. It sets us up for looking at our bodies as something we need to 'punish' or game the system.

Instead, seek to look at what you need to add to your lifestyle to make it more balanced. So many people decide they need to take on everything at once in their wellness and weight loss goals, and it leads to burn out quickly. Build your foundation through looking at your stress, sleep habits, and your mindset towards behavior change. Build your confidence and momentum through the support and accountability you need -- right here at Phoenix Health Coaching.