5 Indicators to Decide if it’s the Right Time to Hire a Coach

 Courtesy of Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

Courtesy of Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

I know there’s a lot of us struggling with low energy, fatigue, overwhelm, and an overall sense of depletion. I feel that too at times. Health and Wellness Coaches have been on the rise and while not as ubiquitous as other wellness practitioners, there’s some disconnect as to when’s the right time to seek out a coach to take the next steps in developing a plan to recharge and revamp your well-being and health. Sometimes people feel that they aren’t quite ready for a coach or that they need to have some success first, but that just keeps people in stasis. I’ve found that there’s a few places that people get stuck and blocked on their own and need facilitation and coaching to get to where they want to be.

The Glut of Information Out There

I try in my blogs not to throw too many sources and books at my readers because if there’s one thing I have learned in my own journey, it’s that there is such a thing as “too much” when it comes to information. How many of us feel paralyzed at the research stage of buying a new car or phone? Or even just a kitchen appliance? And with new information on health and psychology coming out all the time (and a lot of it conflicts with each other, just to make things more confusing), it’s easy even for health professionals to feel like they’re behind. This is most often times where someone seeks out a coach. Let someone else organize and sort through what is most relevant for you and your situation, because not all information in the health and wellness field works for everyone.  

Limiting Beliefs

This is something I already discussed in a previous article, but I’ll briefly sum up why this is important when it comes to seeking out a coach. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of our lack of success is not outside factors but our own selves self-sabotaging and working against us. This is due to even bad situations or behavior patterns are still safe and familiar. It has nothing to do with your character or your willpower, it’s just the brain’s way of ensuring “survival.”

How this translates into deciding if a coach is right for you if you’ve tried other approaches and ways of making changes or starting new habits but have been unsuccessful, that outsider’s perspective can help lead you to what the ongoing pattern has been and can partner with you to overcome those hurdles and get the results that you deserve.

Accountability for Habits

By now I’m sure you’re aware that the right kind of accountability can make all the difference in your success, but have you considered that some habits lend don’t lend very well to accountability from your friends or family? They may know if you’re going to the gym regularly or skipping on the birthday cake, but it’s really easy to let things like going to bed on time, making time for self-care, meditation, or journaling fall by the wayside because no one is going to know one way or the other if you’ve done it or not-- except for your coach. And they maybe even be giving you exercises that pertain to your habits and will ask you detailed questions about them. When you know that even in these so-called hidden habits there will be someone who knows, it makes a big difference. In fact, being a coach has done a lot to hold myself accountable. Because how can I expect you to keep consistent if I find myself being pulled off track? It keeps me in check, because it should go both ways.

Relapse Prevention

In that last bullet point I’m absolutely NOT saying I’m perfect because I’m a wellness coach. Consistency, especially in my own self-care is an absolute struggle at times. We all get stressed and then have a tendency to go back to our “trusty” coping mechanisms. Most of these do us more harm than good but as said before, it’s comfortable. When you have a lot of stop and starts and no true progress to show for it, it’s very easy to beat ourselves up and just give up.

A good coach will help prevent the setbacks as they can typically see the big picture and help you develop plans for when things get hard and that temptation to slide back is strong. It’s typically a two-pronged strategy: knowing what triggers you to feel that way and if you find yourself in one of those situations, what you can do to get your equilibrium back to avoid compromising all of your hard earned progress.

No one is perfect, but if we think through our options before they’re in front of us, relapse will no longer look like something unavoidable, but a lesson in a longer journey.

A Sustainable Plan - Actions that Have Impact

I think the final and probably even most important thing here is someone who can help you be strategic about making behavior changes in your life. Too often we start working on something and abandon it not because the end result isn’t desired but we felt stuck because we went the wrong way about it. What this means is that one habit can become a keystone habit and the others will start to fall into place.

Let’s say you feel like you don’t get any time for yourself or to be able to pursue your desire to write creatively. A keystone habit would be to wake up an hour earlier. Once this has been accomplished it will be easier for you to brew tea and read and get that much needed me time. And then after that, you might feel more motivated to write while the other members of your household are asleep. And so on. We need quick successes to continue to motivate us. We typically want us to be different people like yesterday. A coach is someone who can help you appreciate and celebrate your successes no matter how small they may seem at times. This will encourage you when “life happens” and it starts getting hard.


Hiring a coach is an investment, but most people who choose to invest that time and financial resources into themselves typically see dramatic progress. Having a supportive resource that resolves the overwhelm and gives tools and strategies makes the difference between seeing February pass with another list of broken resolutions and having a brand new habit/behavior change under your belt that sets you up for sustained success throughout the year.

If any of the above problems rings true for you, you’re definitely not alone. It can be crippling, but to better help those who are struggling to keep up with the commitments they made in the New Year to improve on their wellbeing and self-care, I will be holding a live workshop on Zoom titled, “Mistakes People Make on Their New Year’s Resolutions.” I will go more into depth on some of these issues and strategies I think help get clear and focused to revisit and hopefully conquer your goals.

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