App Resources


Android Apps:

Bliss - Helps establish a daily gratitude practice
Blue Light Timer - It is now becoming increasingly evident that the blue light from our devices disrupts our sleep patterns and harms our eyes. This app is self-explanatory, it filters out this blue light in multiple setting and allows quick access to its settings.
Forest - We all need to unplug from our devices, and this app has a unique incentive: Stay on the app, and trees grow. Leave the app or play a game, and it wilts and dies.
Headspace -  My introduction to mindfulness meditation. An excellent step by step to guided meditations with quirky animations to explain mindfulness concepts in an easy to understand concepts.
Pacifica - Detailed mood tracker that also has great strategies to manage depression and anxiety symptoms including reframing, guided meditations for multiple situations, and guided paths that work towards changing your outlook.
Pomodoro Timer Lite - I use this app pretty extensively to improve my focus. If you're unfamiliar, it's a time management 'hack' that puts you on a timer to stay focused for 25 min, then  allows for a 5 min break.