You’re not alone if you struggle with overwhelm and burnout. I’m here to help.


About Crystal

“Feeling Stretched Too Thin but Your “To Do List” Doesn’t Seem to Budge?” You’re in the Right Place.

You’re a successful professional who entered the health and teaching professions to make a big difference in your patients’ and/or students’ lives, but the charting and other admin burdens are exhausting and frustrating. Work and your other obligations have taken over, leaving you feeling depleted.
You’re lucky to scarf down some food after a long shift or after being “on call” and while you’ve tried eating better or walking more, “self care” feels just another item to check off.
{{Oh, have I been there, people…}}

You dream of spending time with your loved ones and maybe even have time for your personal goals and hobbies.


But right now, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day:

  • You’re constantly in “putting out fires” mode
  • You are running low on energy and need unhealthy amounts of caffeine to keep up with everything
  • At night your mind is racing with all of the things you have left to do and feel like you’ll never catch up
  • Due to all of this, your health and relationships are starting to suffer.

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I guide health and teaching professionals to care for themselves so they can spend more time on who and what they truly value.

{My Background} After graduating college at 18 and grinding away at Nursing School, I started to work both in Public Health {where are my fellow school nurses at?!} and then as an EHR Trainer and Consultant for hospitals and physician practices, my personal life and relationships were starting to unravel. I knew I needed to get more balance in my life and care for myself, but it felt like every other nurse and health professional was running themselves ragged too. Conventional wisdom stated that this was just the way it was-- that my own wellbeing and calm had to take a backseat to making sure I “kept up” to what everyone else had and was doing.

It took a lot of personal discovery, missteps, and setbacks but I’ve cultivated habits of self-care and self-acceptance and have committed to spending time on what truly matters to me and check in with myself so I’m hitting both my personal and professional goals {without the feelings of panic, overwhelm, or burnout}.

This new way of living, allowing myself time to recharge is not what our modern society rewards or thinks is a priority – but I am committed to swimming against the stream and helping others to do what’s right for THEM, not what everyone else is doing.


Pillar 1 -- Mindset
Focus:: Clarity
Challenge:: Self Sabotage

My Mindset Story:: I was in the primary care and then eventually in health IT field but felt unfulfilled and like I wasn’t living to my potential. Most of my time was spent on menial tasks like being on the phone with insurance companies or shuffling faxes. It was not why I went to nursing school. This was my lowest point as I felt very stuck in my career, relationship, and financially. I had-- and this is still a work in progress, believe me-- a lot of negative self-talk and this overwhelming belief that I wasn’t qualified enough or educated enough or successful enough to live a life and career I truly loved. A big part of mindset is allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable and not be perfect so you can to a place to experience true joy.


Pillar 2 -- Self Care
Focus:: Setting Boundaries
Challenge:: Self Compassion

My Self Care Story:: If you’re like me, everyone else’s needs tend to come first. This was definitely true for me. A big chunk of my adult life was spent caring for my younger brother with chronic health issues, Even when my brother moved back to Florida, I didn’t know how to be alone with myself. So I spent all of my time with my friends. Not always in a healthy way. I took on others’ problems as my own so I didn’t have to look inwards and see I wasn’t happy. Stopping myself from being the “rescuer” and taking time to myself to learn how I best recharge was a huge stepping stone to getting the life I want.


Pillar 3 -- Resilience
Focus:: Mindful Awareness
Challenge:: Identifying Stress Triggers

My Resilience Story:: As someone who has survived sexual assault, domestic violence, and not to mention alcoholism in my immediate family members, I thought I had “resilience” in the bag. I didn’t. What I really had was the whole day-to-day surviving down. Not so much the thriving and resilience part. We all have tendencies that we have used in our past to “get us through” adversity and rough times. Mine happened to be taking on everyone else’s problem as my own so I can avoid my own issues. In my case (and most other people too) it’s not usually healthy.
That’s why I round off the process with figuring out where we are most likely to relapse into unhealthy thought and behavior patterns.

Things About Me::

I’m super clumsy, sing loudly in my underwear when I’m alone in the house, and have a “distinctive laugh,” whatever the hell that means.

Things I Love:
Tea, Bookstores, Betty Rae’s ice cream, Hiking, and Fountain Pens