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Hi. My name is Crystal Baird.

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Are there crickets on your blog?
Do you feel like your content is going out into the void and being lost in the shuffle on the internet?
Is content creation a time consuming headache for you and your marketing team? Let me handle it.

What You Can Expect

Engaging and Strategic Content Design Results In:

  • Increased website traffic (and loyal subscribers)

  • More social media shares

  • Highly qualified lead generation 

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Crystal Baird

I’ve been a public health nurse and corporate trainer for over five years, so I can put the complicated healthcare jargon into easy-to-understand language that will educate and entertain readers.

As a sufferer of depression, I enjoy putting a human element to stories so that they have an emotional impact on audiences that resonates long after they leave my content.

I’ve been a personal growth and mental health blogger for over a year and would love to leverage that experience to help build your audience and website traffic.